Kochs Don’t Like Trump So Much That They Praise Sanders

The wealthy Koch brothers are known for supporting the Republican Party and for their involvement in the conservative Tea Party project. Both man plan to raise as much as $900 million to fund this year’s political campaigns. And they seem not to be in love with Donald Trump.

That feeling is mutual. Just recently, Donald Trump publicly attacked the brothers by saying they’re in financial trouble. Actually, going against the Republican establishment is what attracts supporters to Trump’s campaign.

But, why would Charles Koch praise socialist candidate on the Democratic side, Mr. Bernie Sanders? In a guest op-ed in the Washington Post, Koch wrote that he agrees with Sanders’ claim that the current political and economic system mostly benefits the rich (just like him) at the expense of everyone else.

Charles Koch then went on to criticize the tax system with its loopholes and anti-competitive regulations- things that benefit billionaires like him. It is perfectly understandable that many rich people eventually want to help others to succeed since they don’t need more more money, and so they decide to do good with their wealth.

But, did Koch get mixed up when it comes to the political party affiliation? Isn’t he about to turn Democratic? That is yet to be seen, especially if Donald Trump wins the nomination. Will the Kochs then go to support Hillary or Bernie with their money?

Charles and David Koch come from one of the wealthiest families in America. They run Koch Industries, a conglomerate involved in oil refining and chemicals. They’re also involved in a variety of philanthropic causes.

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