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A successful career is a major goal for most everyone, however, at some point, that is no longer enough. We all start to think about legacy and how we can architect something to be remembered by, and that which will make us proud. Avi Weisfogel has reached just that point in his professional trajectory. Having attended Rutgers University in New Jersey, earning bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Biology, he then went on to attend New York University’s College of Dentistry. He has had a successful dental practice in Old Bridge, New Jersey, for a number of years.

At some point, he decided to use leverage his degree in Biology, and combine it with his dental education, to delve into studying sleep apnea, learning all he could about how he could help those suffering from sleep disorders. Avi Weisfogel has spent over 16 years working in this capacity. His work, however, did not stop with patients, but rather he started to lecture other dentists on sleep apnea and its dental effects. The result of his work with those suffering from sleep disorders spawned the creation of 2 companies: Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients, and 2 years after that was started he launched Dental Sleep Masters.There seems to be an overarching concern for altruism in Dr. Weisfogel’s pursuits. Clearly with a successful dental practice, there was little reason for him to delve into the enigmatic world of sleeping disorders in such a meaningful way, yet that is exactly what he did. Altruism presents itself again with work Dr. Weisfogel is doing to help “Operation Smile.” This was started by Dr. Magee, and his wife/nurse Kathleen, in 1982 in the Phillipines. They help children born with deformities like cleft palates and cleft lips. Dr. Weisfogel has started a “GoFund Me” page to try to raise funds to help assist them n their efforts with what is now an international organization, helping children across the world suffering from deformities and dental issues. They have successfully completed over a quarter million free surgeries since inception, and surely that number will increase with contributions to such a terribly worthy cause.

Dr. Weisfogel has truly created a philanthropic legacy for himself with altruism being evident in everything he does. Some people go into a career for the promise of high income, and others for prestige, but those that have truly found their calling manifest in a way that speaks to their true love of what they do. Avi Weisfogel is one of those doctors that is truly in it to benefit those lucky enough to come into contact with him.

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