The 2016 Predictions Of George Soros And What He Is Doing About It

The 2016 US election is likely to significantly alter the current political environment. Hillary Clinton is one of the front running candidates in this election. She currently has a very large donor by the name of George Soros. George Soros has donated a lot of money to her presidential campaign. He feels very confident about her ability to handle the current economic climate, and Forbes billionaire George Soros feels that the current economic climate will be a difficult one to manage. In fact, George Soros believes that the current economic situation could easily end up being just as bad as the situation during the 2008 crash. This prediction may come as a surprise to some people, because there has been some rebounding since the economy crashed in 2008. However, George Soros sees many troubling signs.
George Soros sees the migrant crisis in Europe as putting the world economy in very serious danger. He feels that the migrant crisis has the potential to lead to the European Union completely falling out of existence. According to George Soros, if this did happen, it would spell disaster for the economy of the whole world. This could truly be a situation as bad as the major crash of 2008. Numerous people could be left out of work, and investments could take a major nosedive. However, George Soros doesn’t feel that it’s too late. According to George Soros, Germany’s Chancellor holds the key to solving this crisis successfully. He believes she could be able to solve this crisis, and this would prevent the global economy from crashing. The Chancellor of Germany also takes the migrant crisis very seriously, and she is expected to work to solve the problem effectively. If things go as planned, she will be successful and disaster will be successfully averted.

George Soros also feels that Hillary Clinton would help to keep the world economy stable. He feels that she would have the expertise and skill to successfully keep America in good standing economically, and he feels confident she would have the world’s interests at heart. In order to help her to be successful with her campaign, George Soros has given 8 million dollars to her campaign. This is a very large amount to give to a presidential campaign, and George Soros has become one of Hillary’s major donors.

George Soros generally tends to lean left when it comes to American politics. He gave a significant amount of money to Obama’s campaign. He also funded efforts to get George Bush out of office. His monetary contributions to the democratic party have historically been quite helpful to the party’s efforts.

What George Soros is predicting for the world economy is quite worrying. However, George Soros is making efforts to try to prevent this from happening. He is donating to a candidate that he feels will help the situation. Additionally, he does feel that there is hope that this economic disaster could be averted.

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