U.S. Money Reserve Partners With U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation


It takes a lot of work to build a memorial. There has to be a really good cause being addressed when a memorial project is started. One such recent example of a project that has a great cause is the memorial being built to remember Pearl Harbor. It’s all about timing for this one. This memorial is being built this year to honor Pearl Harbor, which happened 75 years ago. There are still some veterans alive that were involved in Pearl Harbor, so we want to honor them with this commemorative memorial being placed in Hawaii.

The memorial is being built as a group effort from two main parties. The U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation is the team that is organizing the memorial to be dedicated to all Navy personnel. This organization is led retired Vice Admiral John B. Totushek. Vice Admiral Totushek makes a great speech in an article published in Yahoo Finance. He says that this memorial “represents an important inflection point in our nation’s history.” This has never seemed truer as we gather to honor those who have served in our Navy in the past, those that currently serve to protect our seas, and those that are being inspired to protect the seas in the future.

The other party that is involved in this project is The U.S. Money Reserve who is donating a huge amount of money to get this memorial built and placed. The U.S. Money Reserve serves the nation as the largest distributor of exclusively government issued coins. The U.S. Money Reserve has a special mint limited edition coin that commemorates the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor which they are selling to raise money for this memorial.

For more information on reports about the memorial being constructed and The U.S. Money Reserve, you can visit Yahoo Finance.

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