Dondero’s Holdings: What Highland Capital is Made of

James Dondero has thundered through the world of business with a success of a lifetime, an experience to envy and an education smart enough to support him. Sporting a degree from the University of Virginia, Jim Dondero, as he is known in closer circles, holds the CFA, CMA and CPA certification, and a career that is more than 30 years old.

In 1984, Dondero began his business career at the Morgan Guaranty, switching later to the American Express. After gaining some insight into the workings of the business world, he became an analyst for the Corporate Bonds. Today Jim is best appreciated for the creation of the immensely popular GIC Protective Life and James Dondero’s great leadership at the Highland Capital, a firm he founded and is currently presiding over.

The Highland Capital has recently declared the value of its holdings. Allocating an astounding 20% to the health sector, Dondero has given technology a respectable 18% and energy a much appreciated 12%. The current assets of the firm are collectively of $15.04 billion value even after selling its stakes held previously in Spdr Trust, MCK, Envision Healthcare, Laboratory Corp and NHF. The firm also decreased the stakes held in AXP by -17.5%, Anadarko Pete Corp by -76.7%, Ishares by -52%, NRG Energy by -20.76%, but most notably in AAL by -56%.

The firm made 69 purchases as well. In the top 5 are the SPY, AMZN, DHR, ITCI and Eagle Pharmaceuticals. The most expensive of these ventures proved to be SPY, with the firm spending $67.07 million on the stakes bought in the company. Apart from the five companies mentioned, the top 10 positions now also include the Jarden Corp, VMC, Extra Space Storage, Illumina Inc and ANAC. Stakes in various companies were increased as well, including the Kinder Morgan (173%), Salesforce Com (18%), American Airls (60%), PDCO (16%) and Corning Inc (18%).

By the end of all the transactions, this is how the final top 3 stand: the American Airls (AAL) made to the triplet of the highest holdings, sharing the list with Ishares and Salesforce Com. These top 3 companies now account for 13.59% out of all the securities, at least for this quarter.

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