Avis’s Apnea Frenzy

A dentist with a sharp eye, dexterous hands, and a soft heart, Avi Weisfogel has been recognized as simply the best of his profession in New Jersey many times. Educated at Rutgers University, achieving a B.S in the subjects of Biology as well as Psychology, followed by achieving a DDS at the Dentistry College in New York, Avi Weisfogal has been practicing since 1999. His career spans a length greater than sixteen years. Throughout Avi’s career, he has been known not only for the great dentist skills he possesses but also for the immense research and effort he has placed in philanthropy.

Previously, Weisfogel came up with the hypothesis that a misaligned jaw would lead to obstruction of the air passages in one’s sleep and should be an important contributing factor for apnea. After his research proved his point, it was possible to manufacture an oropharyngeal airway, a small piece of equipment that one would place through his or her mouth to maintain the patency of the airways. Avi Weisfogal has also created a number of organizations dedicated to the purpose of finding causes and treatments for apnea. He is among the few people in the world who realize that apnea is an underrated problem and has dire effects on one’s performance and behavior. Thus, after educating many dentists and researchers through his organizations about the hazards of apnea and the protocol doctors should follow with such patients, Avi Weisfogel has decided to take the next step.
It has recently been discovered that Avi has launched a GoFundMe, with the aim to collect the money required by the famous organization, Operation Smile. Established in the year 1982 by the Magees, Smile is dedicated to the cause of financially assisting the very commonly needed operations for facial developmental defects. Examples include cleft lips and cleft palates, two of the most common deformities encountered. Smile encountered immediate success and now proudly volunteers, including doctors and financial helpers as well as other personnel, belonging to 80 different countries
Initially based only in the Philippines, today Smile has grown to include the entire globe under its charitable shade. Having already conducted 220,000 surgeries free of cost, the organization looks forward to increasing the numbers with Weisfogal’s $2000 fund target with the GoFundMe movement.
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