The Koch Brothers Myths and A Look At Charles Koch

Charles Koch is an American businessman and philanthropist. Together with his brother, they run Koch Industries where each own 42% of the conglomerate. The company involves itself in process and pollution control equipment and technologies, commodity trading and services, forest and consumer products and ranching. Koch is also involved in philanthropic and political activities. Together with his brother, he has been named by the TIME Magazine as the most influential people of 2011. Charles Koch is described as a classical liberal and heavily opposed to corporate welfare. Recently he has come out openly to support Bernie Sanders about the unfairness of corporate welfare. He keeps a low profile and rarely grants media interviews.

The first myth is that the Koch network is a reaction to the Obama presidency. The Koch brothers have over the decades been trying to shape American politics and policies. Their participation in political activities came into the limelight after Obama moved into the White House. Charles Koch states that they decided to get into politics after seeing what the Bush administration was doing. Before even Obama accepted the party’s nomination in 2008, the large-scale construction of the network had already began.

The other myth is that the Koch network is a personal pet project of the brothers themselves. There has been a lot of seminars that go a long way in shoeing that the network is a joint effort and project of super wealthy conservatives and not the Koch brothers alone. They have managed to rally wealthy conservative families to engage in and eventually support their political operation. In the end the Koch brothers are trying to bring together conservative-minded billionaires to take charge of the government and politics.

The third myth is that the network is a corporate front. There have numerous claims that the network is just a front for Koch Industries. The claims seek to show that policies backed by Koch network would eventually feed Koch Industries by working towards their benefit. To dispel this myth, Charles Koch came out strongly indicating that in as much as the aims of Koch Network are closely related to loosening government regulation and reducing taxes, it rather promotes free-market agenda.

The fourth myth is that the network scatters big money to conservative groups. It is seen as labyrinthine of organizations created and funded by the Kochs and ran by their close associates who are conservatives. In essence the Koch network is a set of organizations that have integrated into a political machine.

The network is a third US political party is another myth. The party has a large pool of employees larger than the Republican National Committee. It spends more that than what the Republican Committee spent in the previous election. Its recent pledge as suggested by the New York Times transforms it to a third political party. To dispel this it has been said that it would be dangerous to allow a group of well financed conservatives to gain access to party resources without any accountability as they are closely associated with Republicans.


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