Video Email Marketing and Talk Fusion

A recent article on the Hello Tesla website discusses how including video in email marketing helps make the message – whatever it is – more effective. The basic reason for this is simple: the visual medium is easier to digest than print. In general, people prefer watching a short video on a topic to reading about it, especially if it’s a topic they aren’t sure they’re interested in yet.

The truth is, the growing prominence of the Internet and the increasing speed of downloads are making attention spans even shorter. This means that as an online marketer your message has to be concise and grab the viewer’s attention immediately, and an excellent way to do this is through including short videos in email. Adding a video component can give a marketer a chance to show what is truly compelling about their brand, and a company called Talk Fusion makes this easy to do.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 when its CEO, Bob Reina, had the idea of including a short video in an email and was told this couldn’t be done. He then worked with a friend from the tech world to create a way to embed videos in emails, a product was developed and the company was launched.

Talk Fusion provides easy-to-use templates so that email marketers using the product can include videos in their mailing materials that are eye-catching and visually compelling. Once the user has the basic process down, there are many options for customizing how Talk Fusion videos appear in emails.

Because it’s so simple to start using effectively, Talk Fusion is a terrific product for those new to video marketing or leery of new applications in general. In short, video is poised to become an indispensable component of any effective email marketing campaign, and Talk Fusion is a company on the cutting-edge of this new technology.

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