How Sanjay Shah And Solo Capital Are Working To Raise Autism Awareness

To make a great company one must have a great founder who has vision for the future and purpose. Sanjay Shah is a man of purpose. He works hard to help others, disperse information and selflessly aid in making the world a little bit better place. Shah owns a number of different companies all with the purpose of honestly dealing with others.

Sanjay originally started his career in medical school. He decided that medicine was not the right place for him. He then went on to become and accountant and go to work for a number of different influential investment banks. The 2009 financial crisis in London put his financial future at risk. He then decided to open his own brokerage firm, Solo Capital.

Solo Capital is based out of London England. It was incorporated in 2011. They serve private investors with a number of different financial products and services. They employ around 49 employees all of whom are well trained and experienced in the financial sector. They offer advice and counseling for diversification of portfolios as well as instruments to aid in wealth generation.

The firm works with clients from around the world. They are internationally known and acclaimed. Some of their services include trading of a variety of instruments and investments in sports franchises. Solo Capital is a strong firm in a competitive market.

Sanjay Shah is now what he refers to as retired. He put Solo Capital on a solid standing and has backed out of the everyday oversight of the firm for time with his family. He does own and operate over 30 other companies in the London area. The bulk of his time is now spent on his charity, Autism Rocks.

Shah has offered a substantial amount of money to help those with Autism. Although the bulk of his interest and time was peaked when he learned that his 4 year old son had Autism. It was then that he realized that he did not know much about the disease or the secondary symptoms of it.

Autism Rocks holds a yearly concert to benefit research and aid for those with Autism. Stars from around the world come to perform with the proceeds going mostly into research and cure development. Shah also holds to the goal of spreading awareness about the condition.

Educational materials and information is another way that Shah works to help those who are suffering from Autism. He has advanced that goal by spending more than $100,000 US dollars to acquire the domanin There people can go to get information about the condition and the many other secondary symptoms and issues that go with it. Shah strongly desires to help eradicate the stigmatisms that go hand in hand with autism.

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