Why James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Plans To Make A Major Purchase Of Argentina’s Stocks

James Dondero is a distressed markets investor, business person and founder of Highland Capital Management. As a business person and entrepreneur, James Dondero has been especially attracted to markets that have a high potential for high returns. This tradition is what has made his Highland Capital Management rise to be one of the top hedge fund firms in the market. Dondero has invested in different distressed markets in his business practice, and Argentina is one of the markets where his $4 billion 2033 investment lies. He invested this market when the country was in deep economic crisis. Jim says that he has been in the investments market for enough time to be able to successfully identify rare high yield opportunities.

James Dondero has recently shown interest in the planned Argentina sales of stocks at the beginning of next month. Argentina will be putting its stocks on the global stock market for investors from all over the world. James Dondero says that he has been preparing his Highland Capital Management for the last six months for this new stock sales. He adds that his main aim is to make a major purchase of this stocks. James Dondero says that he has developed a great interest in the Argentinian markets has he has realized its great potential. He urges investors across the world to consider investing in Argentina if they are looking for good returns on their investments.
Jim Dondero is a reputable business markets industry player. He is widely recognized for his contributions in sectors such as separate business and investment account for institutions and Collateralized Loan Obligations. James has been in the business markets for more than 30 years time which he has spent in the prosperous markets dealing in credits and equities. James Dondero has also been able to work with various successful ventures such as the Godwin Meyers Studios as a board member. His practice in distressed investments markets has placed him in the league of the most successful investors.

Highland Capital Management interest in purchasing a large share of Argentina’s stocks is said to be originating from the firms high prospects in the country. Economic analysts say that James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management aims to increase its investments in this country from the current $4 billion. This analyst says that James Dondero being a witty investor has identified that Argentina is now on the prosperity lane, and he knows he will make a killing out of his investments. This economic analyst asks other investors to follow James Dondero‘s investment moves very keenly.

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