Month: April 2016

Laidlaw & Company Looks To Build On Its Legacy

Posted by in Helping Investors

Laidlaw & Company is a full service investment banking and brokerage firm that offers clients personal investment advice to both public and private institutions. The firm also helps investors with a high net worth. Laidlaw & Company has a legacy of investment banking and securities brokerage that according to PR Newswire dates back almost 200…

The Inspiring Success of Marc Sparks

Posted by in CEO Profiles, CEOs who know, Investing

Marc Sparks is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm. Building companies is his focus. He enjoys building businesses from the ground up. He creates both short-term and long-term goals for his companies and makes sure the culture of the company is a healthy one. He has played…

George Soros on the Chinese debt-fueled economy

Posted by in Economic Development

George Soros is an American based billionaire and philanthropist who has had great success in the financial markets. In recent weeks, George Soros has talked about the financial and economic situation that China is experiencing. The Chinese economy on is closely tied to the global markets; therefore, investors need to be very cautious about…

Why CROs and Compliant Officers like Helane Morrison are Critical in the Corporate Word

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The role of chief risk officers (CROs) is getting broader as financial companies change their perspective on risk. Apart from technical expertise, which is critical for the job, CROs are now expected to bring leadership and strategic thinking to the job. Traditionally, CRO jobs were synonymous with insurance companies. However, this situation changed with the…

Lake Tahoe’s Andy Wirth Learns To ‘Just Breathe’

Posted by in General News, Health

Pearl Jam’s song ‘Just Breathe’ may have saved Andy Wirth’s life. Andy is the CEO and also the President of the Squaw Valley Resort in the Lake Tahoe area. He can ‘high five’ people about it now, but only about one year ago he nearly lost an arm, and very nearly his life. He has…

William Skelley’s Success in Investment Business

Posted by in Business Waves

William Skelley has been enjoying a period of success in the investment real estate business in recent years. The alternative investment professional was among the first to develop a crowd sourcing interface with the intent to aid real estate investors in choosing and purchasing properties. Skelley was recently honored with an invitation to join the…

Choosing A Great Hair Product

Posted by in Happy Customers

There has been a lot of buzz lately about hair products by WEN. When I saw on QVC about their hair conditioning shampoo and treatment, I was a little bit skeptical since I had tried many different products with no satisfactory results. But as someone who is always ready to check out new products, especially…

Seeing Through The Odds

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An inspiring article recently released via VTA Publications, directly confronts myths surrounding the nature of success and the fallibility behind people’s perception of odds, and how honing one’s belief system and self discipline can move you more then a step forward towards meeting one’s goals. The well-crafted piece references the 1980 winter Olympics that took…

The Queens of Dramatically Meta Reality

Posted by in Celebrity Buzz

The Queens of Drama is the result of an interesting concept: A meta reality show dissembled as a scripted drama about six actresses looking produce a soap opera. Now if that isn’t a hodgepodge of convoluted ingenuity, then I don’t know what to tell you. A premise that involves a bunch of soap opera stars…

Hedge Fund Investor Kyle Bass Is Challenging A Drug Patent For Multiple Sclerosis

Posted by in Business Waves

Kyle Bass is a well-known hedge fund investor. His company, Dallas-based Hayman Capital Management, L.P., is one of the top investment companies in the country. Bass was one of the men that successfully predicted the mortgage bond debacle in 2008. Bass shorted the bonds and made a fortune doing that when the market crashed. Mr….

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