When Your Beautiful Means Being Bold With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Does the thought of wearing the same old makeup colors make you rebel? You look into the mirror with thoughts of bold colors and maybe something different with your hair would be nice. Lime Crime Cosmetics is what you’re looking for. They offer only the boldest, smoothest and the most fun of colors. If it ain’t making a statement, then it’s not Lime Crime. That’s how Doe Deere began her line of cosmetics. She was simply bored with the colors that were out there. She wore bright colors and wanted to carry the momentum to carry onto her face and now her hair.

Lime Crime Cosmetics started as a eBay store. Doe Deere felt that she couldn’t be the only one that wanted more color in their life. When e-commerce was new for ordering makeup, she was on the front line. As CEO of Lime Crime she touches every part of the company, including the development of new products. The company took off and has never slowed down. There were people who fell in love with the color of the lipsticks and eye shadows, as well as the foundation and hair color.

On their webpage on Amazon, LimeCrime will take you to pages of beautiful colors that customers have matched and couldn’t wait to share. From there you can see how different colors blend together to make a statement. Only the bold and energetic need visit there unless you want a change in your life.

As Instagram shows, Lime Crime arrived online in 2008, and offered women a choice. No longer were they molded into what society thought they should be. With new products waiting to be discovered, there is no limit to the individual that wants to be different. When Doe Deere walks into the room, people say, wow, I wished I had thought of that mix of colors. Give Lime Crime Cosmetics a chance to change your outlook on life.  Take a look at what they have on Pinterest from real users to see if this interests you.

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