The Plight of the Venezuela’s Healthcare System

University hospital in Caracas has become a dark and dreary place, consisting of dark hallways, dark bathrooms and toilets with broken doors. Patients clean themselves in places where there is no privacy. According to an article in the El Venezolano News doctors use their mobile phones to take x-ray images because there is nothing to print them on.
Venezuela’s healthcare system as a whole seems to be in crisis due to goods in short supply, and power cuts that happens daily across the country. Two reasons for these problems is due to the drop in revenue from oil exports and a drought that cause a reduction in power at a hydro-electric dam that services most of the country with electricity.

“Many of the people of Venezuela feel that the country should have been better prepared for this economic crisis.” says David Osio A large number of the people in Venezuela have signed a petition demanding the recall of President Nicolas Maduro; however; there are those who feel that even through Venezuela is facing an economic crisis that the government is still protecting the people.


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