Venezuelan Mother Videos Reaches United States and Raises Awareness

There are times when a person can only sympathize with the things that they see. If they are not having hard times in their own lives, they may have a hard time understanding the harsh realities that others may have to face. In Venezuela as predicted by expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez lots of people are feeling the cost of inflation as food supplies dwindle and jobs become non-existent to so many.
The mother that posted a Youtube video, Patricia Tagliaferri makes people think about all that is going on in her world. The food supply is low, and people are wondering what they are going to do in order to get food. It is a survival of the fittest type of moment, and this has been enough to really stress out many people that are in Venezuela right now.

Tagliferri has a degree in computer science, but she is struggling like millions of others in Venezuela that are trying to keep their sanity as oil prices go up and inflation makes it harder to pay for anything. In America there are a lot of people that are speculating about the different ways to revive Venezuela. A lot of people that are in the midst of all that is going on are reaching out for help. The black market has made it hard to buy products legally, and this mother is trying to express her frustration about her dilemmas and other economic problems.


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