The Professional Networking Community Recognizes Brian Bonar’s Expertise in Finance

The chairman of the Dalrada Finance Corporation was recently named as the Cambridge Who’s Who executive of the year in finance. It must be noted that inclusion of one’s name in the Cambridge’s registry is regarded as an honor. However, only four people have the privilege of being named as the executives of the year. Out of the four, two are male and two are female. The honorees are selected based on their abilities to lead, academic progress and professional achievements.

Brian boasts of nearly 30 years experience as a financial professional. Because of his vast experience, Brian Bonar has all the qualities necessary to oversee operations at Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian has rendered his services at the company for over 10 years. In his position, Brian has been selecting employee and employer benefits. In addition, he has been engaged in creating aftermarket products. Dalrada supplies its clients with different employee programs. Through the program, companies are able to enhance efficiency of their operations.

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Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

Dalrada Company provides financial, risk, promotional and business management services as well as employee benefits. Brian doubles as the CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Corporation. Brian is serves as Allegiant professional business Services Company’s president. Besides being a PhD holder, Brian is also an affiliate of the American Finance Association.

About Brian Bonar
Before being the president of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian was a director at the company. Owing to his contributions towards the company’s success, Brian Bonar was made chairman of the board. Initially, Brian worked for IBM Company where he rendered his services for nearly 17 years. Brian also worked at QMS as the executive director of engineering. QMS is based in Alabama. It develops and manufactures high-performance colors as well as monochrome printing solutions. Later, he worked for Rastek Corporation as the vice president in charge of sales and marketing. At Bezier Systems, Brian worked as the vice president in charge of global sales and marketing before assuming the role of CEO. At Dalrada Corporation, Brian discharged his duties as the director of technology sales and later, as the vice president under the sales and marketing department.

Brian is a renowned finance executive. He has been a leader at Trucept Corporation. Brian’s technical background informs his success in building innovative and sound business structures. He has a bachelor’s degree in technical engineering as well as a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Brian attended James Watt Technical College for his undergraduate studies and Stafford University for his postgraduate studies. Brian is an expert on issues of mergers and acquisitions. Brian uses his technical capacity and creativity to find solutions to different problems.

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