Polar Makes Beer Once Again

Beer can once again be made in Venezuela. According to Corporation Wiki, Polar, one of the largest beer companies in the area, has agreed to resume making beer and other malt products for the rest of the year. There is no indication as to whether the company will proceed with making the beverage after December. The company has acquired a loan from businesswoman Norka in order to have enough money to continue production. This further increases the amount of debt that is owed to other countries. The loan will give Polar enough of the barley and other products that are needed to make the beer, but this is only a temporary solution. The reason the company stopped production was because there was a lack of resources in Venezuela. Since the company is back in production, it will offer a few more jobs to those who live in the area, but if it’s only a temporary solution, then what are the people supposed to do if the products run out once again?



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