A Successful Businessman on the Rise

Danilo Diaz Granados principally received a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Economics from Babson College before he began his career in the financial sector. Since then, he has relocated south from the Boston winter to enjoy the warmer weather in Miami as he embarked upon his career in the financial sector.

One of Danilo’s first jobs was as an Account Advisor for a Private Equity Investing firm that was located in Miami, Florida. Within this role, Danilo was tasked with the privilege of researching the potential for global real estate to produce investment returns and how those transaction were related, hedge funds, arts, innovative startup firms, and practices of energy efficiency. Furthermore, within this role, Danilo also spent a great deal of time analyzing social and demographic factors that pertained to prospective investment opportunities around the globe. Since 2015, Danilo has been serving at Fireman Capital Partners as an Associate.

Outside of the office, Danilo has greatly dedicated himself to serving the greater community around him. He is the Co-Founder and Director of the “Toys for Boys Boutique Privee” in Miami, Florida, which is a luxury boutique that incorporates timepieces, unusual cars, and contemporary art into one exclusive retail space. In addition to his role in the luxury boutique, Danilo is also the Producer and Co-Founder of “Edge of Glory Films, LLC,” which is also located in Miami, Florida. Within this role, he participates in promotion, editing, production, and delivery of communications in order to distribute media that relates to Hispanic interests in the United States.

Danilo will be a fascinating individual to watch as he grows his careers and personal interests in the years to come.  Be sure to also follow him on social media.  Danilo can be found on Twitter, and he ca also be followed on Facebook.

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