Stephen Murray Is a Financial Genius

It is rare in the financial world to find a person who consistently guesses right in all of the moves that they make. Stephen Murray would definitely fall into that category. His career has been a shining success and the envy of many of his contemporaries.

His decisions in terms of his business and financial dealings are constantly studied by his competitors in order to get some insight into how his mind works. Stephen is best known as one of the founders of the incredibly profitable Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. He has made a name for himself as one of the very big players in the world of high finance.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:
The story of how Stephen came to be the rich and powerful person that he is today is an interesting one. There is no question that he was always a very bright student from a very young age.

However, he did not show a strong interest in pursuing a career that had anything to do with finance. He was a typical child in the sense that he liked to play outdoors with his friends when the weather was nice.

Stephen’s parents thought he might go to college to become a veterinarian because of his love for animals. However, all of that changed when he finally enrolled in Boston College. He decided that he wanted to major in economics. He was not sure what career path he was going to take after he graduated. However, he knew that an economics degree would open a lot of doors for him.

He focused on his studies for the next four years. However, he decided that a bachelor’s degree was not going to get him as far as he wanted to go. Therefore, he applied to the Columbia School of Business and he was accepted. He got an MBA from that school in 1990.

Now Stephen was finally ready to begin his career. The problem was that Stephen  Murray could not decide what he wanted to do. He got hired by the MH Equity Corporation in what was a very prestigious job for someone with hardly any experience.

He began to quickly move up the ladder because his strong work ethic and inventive ideas impressed all of his superiors.

Stephen wanted to be the boss. He decided to team up with some of his colleagues to start CCMP Capital. He became the CEO of this company and made it a huge success.

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