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Adam Goldenberg Creates Products For You

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Adam Goldenberg has a lot of business experience in various types of fields. All of this knowledge has helped him create JustFab along with his business partner Don Ressler. They are a great team and they work really well together and bounce ideas off each other to make sure they are on the same page….

Why Makari de Suisse Products are the Best in the Market

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Do you envy your peers because they have flawless skin? Do you want to lighten your complexion but you are scared that you might end up damaging your skin and look worse than your skin does right now? Worry not! There are many face care products in the beauty industry and getting one that works well with your skin type and issues is quite easy. Try Makari de Suisse skin lightening today and you will not regret your decision. The line is known for their luxurious skin care brands that help people with darker skin tones to safely lighten their complexions and get rid of scars, spots and acne.   Makari products are known for many reasons. First of all, they are made in Switzerland. Switzerland is a country which is recognised for manufacturing some of the world’s best skincare products. On top of that, the ingredients which are used to make Makari products are those which are found locally and which have beneficial results for the skin. Castor oil, for example, is important for moisturising the skin and making it protected from the elements such as weather conditions and dust.   The other benefit of Makari de Suisse face care products is that they contain caviar. Caviar, as research has recently shown, has the effect of mimicking the human skin. It therefore, when applied on the skin, stimulates the growth of new skin. This results in fresh looking skin which is both youthful and healthy. You need not worry about wrinkles and old skin when using Makari de Suisse products.   As a person, you may be judged by your skin color or type. The skin, especially on the face, can cause you embarrassment and lack of confidence at times. In order to boost your self confidence and esteem, it is advisable that you use products which work well with your type and complexion. Makari de Suisse products also protect your skin from UV radiation while lightening it evenly. The technology which the products use is that which ensures that your melanin levels are reduced. Choose Makari face and skin whitening products today!

Clay Siegall Appointed To Mirna Therapeutics’ Board Of Directors

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Mirna Siegall is a biotechnology company that is focused on developing and commercializing microRNA. The company recently announced that Clay Siegall, who is the founder of Seattle Genetics, has been appointed as an outside director to the board of directors. Dr. Paul Lammers is the CEO and president of Mirna. He has stated that he is honored to have Clay as a part of the board of directors. Dr. Siegall is equally pleased to be a part of the board of directors. He stated that he looks forward to working with the team because they will be able to provide patients with the programs that they need. He also stated that MicroRNA is an exciting area of cancer research. About Clay Siegall Clay Siegall started Seattle Genetics back in 1998. The company has been able to do some amazing things under Clay’s leadership. Seattle Genetics has developed numerous antibody-based therapies in order to help cancer patients. ADCETRIS® (brentuximab vedotin) is the company’s first commercial product. It was approved in August 2011. Even before Clay Siegall started Seattle Genetics, he was involved in healthcare. He worked for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Institute from 1991 to 1997. He has also worked for the National Institutes Of Health and the National Cancer Institute. Clay has won numerous awards during his career. In 2013, he won the University of Maryland Alumnus Of The Year For Computer, Math And Natural Sciences. He was also awarded the Pacific Northwest Ernst And Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award. Additionally, Clay is the author of over 70 publications.   Sources:

Seattle Genetics- The Prominent Pharmaceutical

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MicroRNA is based in therapeutics mainly focusing on cancer research. The Company was founded in 2007; it is located in Austin, Texas. Seattle Genetics has received significant funding from private stockholders and the State of Texas, in cooperation with the State’s Emerging Technology Fund. Its initial commercial product was ADCETRIS. It was accepted in August 2011Seattle Genetics has an extensive pipeline of additional product candidates. It has also entered into numerous strategic partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in oncology. The company has had capital-raising events, thus securing about 675 million dollars through private and public financings. The organization has a foundational scholarly property portfolio about the use therapeutic usage of miRNAs established by their scientists and also in-licensed from other organizations. Its portfolio contains over three hundred miRNAs with submissions in oncology and other different diseases. What microRNAs are about MiRNAs are roughly 20 to 25 nucleotides long, and they affect gene expression by interfering with messenger RNAs. Dissimilar to siRNAs, miRNAs are encrypted in the genome and are useful as natural controllers of universal gene expression. Over 1,400 miRNAs comprise approximately two percent of the mammalian genes. Each miRNA seems to regulate the expression of thousands of different genes, and they can function as master switches proficiently coordinating and regulating multiple cellular processes and pathways. MiRNAs are also responsible for controlling proper embryonic development, inflammation, immunity and cellular growth and proliferation. Clay B. Siegall Appointment as CEO  Mirna Therapeutics Inc. appointed Clay Siegall, who holds Ph.D., to its Board of Directors in January 2013 – Mirna Therapeutics, which is a biotechnology company dedicated to the commercialization and development of microRNA. Clay B.Siegall was appointed the CEO and Chairperson of Board of Directors of the Seattle Genetics, acting as an outside director to the Board of Directors. Dr Siegall has a rich background in pharmaceutical industry achievements and experience in building a fruitful oncology company. Dr Clay Siegall was one of the founders of Seattle Genetics, under his management, the company has constructed various pipelines of antibody-based treatments to address unsolved cancer patients medical needs. Sources:

Spotlight on Medicare Advantage Plans that Cover Medicare Services

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Medicare Advantage Plans ought to cover all the services that are usually covered by Original Medicare covers apart from hospice care. Hospice care is usually covered by the Original Medicare covers even though you could be having a Medicare Advantage Plan. In all the Medicare Advantage Plans, you are usually covered for urgent needed care…

Wengie Life Hacks for Back to School Season

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Though some might not opt to think about it, back to school season is here again. Though the thought of saying goodbye to the nice weather to sit in a stuffy classroom is fairly depressing, YouTube blogger, Wengie, adds a little color to a world that is beginning to feel fairly gray with useful back…

Goettl Back On Track

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In December 2012, When Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl Air Conditioning Repairmen, The company was facing some serious challenges. It suffered from a lack of vision. Employee confidence was low. The company was also facing the threat of state attorney general actions against them due to their competition. Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation In 18 months,…

Mike Baur and the Swiss Start-up Factory are Lighting Fires under Young Entrepreneurs around the World

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Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and even as a youth he was fascinated with banking and finance. He takes great pride in taking his passion and turn it into his profession. He began his career as a commercial apprentice and worked his way up the financial ladder to executive board member of a large Swiss…

Protect Your Online Reputation with Move Bad Press

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A good reputation will drive a new business to success. People learn to trust a business that has positive reviews. An entrepreneur might spend months or years working to build a positive personal and business reputation. However, one negative opinion might tarnish the reputation that they’ve worked hard to build. The negative comments will end up in search results on search engines and affect the search engine results in a negative way. People post negative opinions because they are jealous or simply want to tarnish a company’s reputation. It happens all the time. However, it is important to act fast and protect the business name and your personal online reputation before more harm happens. Fighting Back Don’t let the negative remarks get the best of your business. Take a stand and fight back with proven methods that have worked for other entrepreneurs that were the target of jealous competitors or disgruntled former employees.   Don’t get angry. Instead work to show your customers that you are an honest, hard working individual.   Keep in contact with customers and let them know that your business is still going strong.   Make a strong commitment to provide the best service possible to customers.   Seek support groups to offer you encouragement and advice.   Stay focused on the reason that you started the business. Strive to meet your goals.   Online Reputation Management A business reputation is certainly very important. A business reputation can make or break a business. It is vital that the small business to larger corporation take a proactive stance and protect their online reputation. Don’t let others control your business and drive it into the ground because of their negative comments. An online reputation management company like the one found at will use proven methods to remove all negative remarks, articles, or comments about your business. Move Bad Press is a very honest and reliable online reputation management company that is located at They are leaders in the industry and one of the best online reputation management services to deal with on a personal or business level.

Regional Tourism Heads The Lists Of Andy Wirth’s Achievements

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German born Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO Andy Wirth has been on a mission throughout his life to bring success to resorts and the communities they serve through the use of his skills and working in partnership with the local community. Wirth has seen his level of success grow over the years to include the…

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