Regional Tourism Heads The Lists Of Andy Wirth’s Achievements

German born Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO Andy Wirth has been on a mission throughout his life to bring success to resorts and the communities they serve through the use of his skills and working in partnership with the local community. Wirth has seen his level of success grow over the years to include the management of resorts across North America where he brought extra visitors into the areas he worked in through skilled advancement of the communities he served.

Through years of dedication and hard work Andy Wirth has become an expert in tourism in its many different forms, including his knowledge of the airline industry that has recently seen him appointed Chair of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Learn more about Andy Wirth:
Andy Wirth has always been willing to listen to the local community when seeking the best possible future for the resorts he manages, which led to his support of the local community at a time when Squaw Valley is looking to once again redefine the resort industry in the U.S. Squaw Valley may be one of the most historic ski resorts in the world, but Andy Wirth saw the potential for the Californian resort to become a year round destination for luxury and outdoor activities; Wirth unveiled a grand plan to develop existing areas of the resort with new buildings and an increased green area that would be created from an existing parking lot.

The plan for Squaw Valley was never set in stone and Wirth took the plans to the local community for their approval before the final submission to local government authorities. Consultation with local people saw the plans alter by a large amount, including a reduction in the size of planned new buildings; alongside the concerns of locals about the buildings Wirth listened to concerns about the quality of life for local people.

Increased salaries guaranteed for those who will work at Squaw Valley could be guaranteed after Andy Wirth was named chair of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board as the area looks to become more than a success when the snow falls.

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