Mike Baur and the Swiss Start-up Factory are Lighting Fires under Young Entrepreneurs around the World

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and even as a youth he was fascinated with banking and finance. He takes great pride in taking his passion and turn it into his profession. He began his career as a commercial apprentice and worked his way up the financial ladder to executive board member of a large Swiss Private bank. Mr. Baur also spent part of his banking career at Clariden and Sallfort.

Mr. Baur’s educational background includes earning an MBA (Master’s of Business Administration) from the University of New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. While he regards education as an important aspect of life, he feels it is important to put fears aside and venture out along the entrepreneurial path. That philosophy was part of the prompt necessary to give up the business and financial world and find a way to help the entrepreneurial youth of the world.

With that philosophy in mind, he left the world of banking and finance behind and took his experience and expertise and embarked on the entrepreneurial path and founded the Swiss Start-up Factory (SSUF) with two partners. The purpose of the SSUF is to provide support to young entrepreneurs that specialize in digital technologies. Mr. Baur not only supports the SSUF financially, but also as a mentor. He likes to be involved with the entrepreneurs individually and as a group and offers his years of experience. He is also responsible for the financing rounds, as well as the fundraising efforts for the Start-up Factory.

The SSUF is always on the lookout for entrepreneurs in the digital industry who have a command of the concept, but will flourish with the funding and business implementation of their companies. The SSUF provides opportunities through the SSUF networking system in Switzerland and around the world. The SSUF sponsors a three month start-up accelerator program where the SSUF team offers a variety of services including mentoring, office space and coaching in Zurich, Switzerland. SSUF also provides an entrepreneurial network to assist the young entrepreneurs in achieving their goals.

SSUF has acquired an incredibly talented team that helps identify the start-ups with the best potential for future investors and then coach and evaluate the companies during the developmental phase. The SSUF team has reached unprecedented success in helping to launch successful start-ups that have brought a much improved and necessary product and service to the world. Mr. Baur and the team at SSUF are proud of their accomplishments and will continue their effort as long as their are entrepreneurs walking the entrepreneurial path.

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