Goettl Back On Track

In December 2012, When Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl Air Conditioning Repairmen, The company was facing some serious challenges. It suffered from a lack of vision. Employee confidence was low. The company was also facing the threat of state attorney general actions against them due to their competition.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation
In 18 months, Goodrich had made sweeping changes, He had Goettl set to earn revenues of $20 million in 2014, This was a hefty increase when compared the $11 million the company earned in 2012.
Throughout his career Goodrich has bought, fixed and sold over twenty HVAC companies. But, Goodrich claimed, this one was different. the challenges he faced were not about pricing and marketing.
The first move was to create some excitement and provide a positive vision. Stressing the fact that employees should not be afraid to conduct business. he then took on the problems of attacks by competitors and customer complaints. Leadership didn’t know how to handle complaints and it was freezing the entire company. Mr. Goodrich taught them the proper way to deal with criticism.
Before his arrival approximately one-third of the company’s workforce had left the company due to accusations by The Arizona state attorney general, of deceptive sales and marketing practices.
Although the case was never pursued it caused serious damage to the company. This was partly due to their competitors taking advantage of the company’s misfortune.
Mr. Goodrich assembled an entirely new management team to lead his staff of eighty-four employees and fleet fifty-eight vehicles. He then went about restoring the company’s reputation.
To do this him and his crew revisited over 300 recent installations to review quality control procedures. A move that cost several hundred thousand dollars. The Stricter quality control contains several new measures such as employees taking pictures of installations, which are then reviewed by Mr. Goodrich himself.
This new procedure has helped employee morale immensely, Workers seem to be thriving on the positive reinforcement. At the same time, the negative comments make them strive for perfection.
Due to Mr. Goodrich’s skill in re-developing the company, Goettl’s skilled technicians can do what they do best. providing a full range of residential HVAC services to Las Vegas, Phoenix , and Tuscon.

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