Wengie Life Hacks for Back to School Season

Though some might not opt to think about it, back to school season is here again. Though the thought of saying goodbye to the nice weather to sit in a stuffy classroom is fairly depressing, YouTube blogger, Wengie, adds a little color to a world that is beginning to feel fairly gray with useful back to school life hacks. Give them a try to make the school year and life, in general, a bit easier!

1. Ditch traditional to-do lists by taking a small white board and attaching pads of colorful post-it notes on it. The colors will catch your eye more, and the ability to peel off the top sheets makes it easier to create a new list each day.

2. The crispness of a new notebook is enjoyable and brings out the scholar in everyone! To get the most use out of the book, consider leaving a few pages blank before you begin taking notes. This makes it easier to go back to those pages and create a table of contents describing what the following notes contain. Can you say “studying hack?”

3. Consider writing important information in blue ink, as studies prove that the color makes things easier to remember.

4. Your first class of the day has arrived; you are exhausted and fumbling in your backpack to find the right notebook. Coloring the corner top of each book a different color will make searching for them easier, due to the fact that they are easy to see when looking down into your backpack.

5. WARNING: If you are writing an essay and cannot seem to fill the word count, typing in a few words at the end of each paragraph and changing the text color to white will meet the count without being visible to the naked eye. Wengie advises users to do this at their own risk, though.

6. A dish rack makes an excellent folder organizer, and the utensil spot is great for writing utensils.

7. generates more educational, trustworthy websites for when you are doing research.

8. Have a book quote that you want to use for your essay but cannot find the page number in order to properly cite it? Using Google Books generates the exact page number!


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