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The latest trend in the world of entrepreneurship is that of co-working spaces. These have been defined as workspaces based on a membership that sees a diverse number of persons from freelancers to independent contractors share a working space in a communal setting. These work spaces are set apart from the traditional offices in the way they operate. One of the biggest differences is that, unlike the traditional offices, co-working spaces have different persons who work for different companies and organizations sharing the work spaces.

The individuals are able to control their work schedules in that they can choose to work in a group setting or have a quiet area. This level of autonomy is welcome by many who opt for these kind of offices. It also allows for individuals to connect with persons from different professional backgrounds which have proven to increase the productivity of these individuals. The managers of these spaces have the mandate of ensuring that each individual has their needs catered for them to effectively carry out their given tasks.

One of the these co-working facilities is Workville; New York offices for rent in a luxury office building located on 1412 Broadway on the 21st floor just a few steps away from the Times Square, Bryant park and some of the major transportation hubs in New York city.

The office space provides for the members to have meeting spaces, a lounge, virtual email facilities, and three outdoor terraces. It has well lit and airy rooms which provides for a five star feel not only for the individuals working, but for their clients as well. The provisions include private offices, dedicated desks in private offices, open co-working and conference facilities. The prices range from $1,500 to $50 a month depending on the package an individual requires,

These business strategies have made way to the traditional companies and some companies have incorporated co-working. Workers are taking up these alternative work spaces and positive results have been witnessed according to Anthony Marinos of Grind. Time spent in these co-working spaces has seen to spark new ideas as the workers are able to interact and build a community that goes beyond the office walls.
Co-working spaces have used this opportunity to set up training programs, social events and networking events meant to boost productivity and also attract more startups and early stage businesses can have a place to continue and foster their innovation.

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