Raj Fernando’s Guide to Hiring the Best Employees

Chicago has more than 104 private companies that are regarded as the world’s fastest growing companies. Among some of the top businesses in Chicago are United Airlines, Motorola, and McDonalds. The companies have a symbiotic relationship whereby they help each other to prosper in the business industry. Through agglomeration, the business enterprises are able to attract different support organizations like banks and investment firms.

Despite the accomplishments, employees face a threat being laid off in the annual performance assessment carried out. However, Raj Fernando considers the performance appraisal ineffective and discriminating on the unique talents of each employee.

Instead, he suggests that during the hiring process, managers should be focused on employing passionate professionals with different abilities. The diverse talents should then be incorporated to bring up an active team.

His skills in employee selection saw the growth of Chopper Trading into a leading financial service provider that offered services to its clients like, ICAP- Broketek, Nasdaq, LSE, and Eurex. Some of the factors he considers important when hiring employees include the following;

1. Painting an accurate picture of the firm
His hiring team composed of top executives holds job fairs at schools. During the job fairs, the recruitment team appears simple. They do not prefer wear expensive attires. This is an aim to attract suitable candidates.

Successful candidates are taken around the company to familiarize themselves with the actual environment they will be working.

2. Taking time to learn the particular skills of each candidate
Most companies experience high employee turnover since they don’t take the chance to evaluate candidates before hiring them. For this reason, they end up recruiting people with high academic achievement but no passion in the job.

Such employees often have a lower productivity. Raj’s hiring team usually takes time to learn about employees’ unique talents. The recruitment team uses brain teasers and general questions to gauge an employee’s interest and how candidates can handle different situations in the job area. Those who exhibit exceptional skills are chosen.

Raj’s special talent in the finance industry has seen him honored as a trustee in many organizations like Chicago Council on Global Affairs, American security project, and Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader.

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