The Partnership between The Dallas Foundation and HCM on Philanthropic Matters

Jim Dondero is widely known for his impressive business acumen and resume when it comes to accomplishments and service to HCM and other companies. Apart from his significant involvement in business activities, especially at Highland Capital, he focuses on charitable giving to the local Dallas community.

With a considerable rise in HCM’s annual charitable giving budget to over $3 million, HCM opted to search for a partner to aid in the management of the massive budget. As a result, HCM landed on Mary Jalonick, who is the CEO and President of the Dallas Foundation. She boasts of an experienced team in philanthropic and donor service.

The partnership between HCM and The Dallas Foundation led to the formation the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc., as a supporting entity of the Dallas Foundation. HCM preferred The Dallas Foundation for its deep-rooted involvement in charitable giving in the North Texas community.

The partnership between the Dallas Foundation and HCM led to the recruitment of Linda Owen, Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation’s former President. Linda’s work at the Dallas Foundation entails focusing only on the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc.

James Dondero is one of the prominent individuals in the private equity and credit market. As such, he holds over 30 years of experience in this type of markets. Currently, he serves as the President as well as the Co-Founder of Dallas-based international alternative credit manager, Highland Capital Management. The SEC-registered adviser on investment matters focuses on credit strategies including collateralized loan obligations, special and distressed situations private equity, credit hedge funds, and long-only funds and separate accounts. HCM also boasts of alternative investments such as natural resources, long/short equities as well as emerging markets.

In the past, Dondero has aided various companies such as the Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary in business growth from concept level to more than $2 billion in a period of about four years. Some of his portfolio management experience comprises of leveraged bank loans, investment grade corporates, high-yield bonds, mortgage-backed securities, derivatives and many others. Apart from his key role at HCM, Dondero chairs the boards of other companies such as NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare Group, and CCS Medical.


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