Toys For Boys Event Tours Florida By Helicopter


Transport was the main theme of the latest event from the Toys For Boys brand and its founder Danilo Diaz Granados, who gave this small, hand selected group of men from the Miami area a day of excitement, thrills, and a wide range of different forms of transport. The day took in helicopter rides, car racing, and a sunset cruise on a yacht to provide the group with a range of options for enjoying the most luxurious lifestyle possible.

Danilo Diaz Granados arrived in Miami after completing a high quality education at Babson College, which saw the investment specialist gain degrees in Entrepreneurship and Economics before arriving in Florida and embarking on a career in investing. Granados now develops new areas for investors for the FCP company alongside heading the Toys For Boys group; the development of Toys For Boys came after Danilo Diaz Granados decided to explore the opportunities for men to get the best options in luxury from a single store in Miami.

The development of the Toys For Boys store came hand in hand with regular events designed to repay loyal customers and inspire them to push on towards even bigger and better things in life. Danilo Diaz Granados is now providing even more elaborate events for his clients, but is limiting the guest list to a few hand selected clients attending each event. The latest event spanned an entire day from breakfast at the One Thousand Museum designed by Dame Zaha Hadid to a champagne soaked sunset cruise from Miami’s River Yacht Club.

The bulk of the day was spent at the Palm Beach Race Track, which was reached by helicopter from Miami, where the men enjoyed a day of car racing at this world renowned race track. Helicopter rides and plenty of Dom Perignon Champagne made sure the men enjoyed an amazing day of fun and thrills with Toys For Boys.  Check him out on CrunchBase, to learn more about Danilo’s career and where he’s going next.

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