Some Assisted Living Facilities Out There Actually Are All That They Seem


When it comes time for someone to move into an assisted living community, it’s always a hard decision. Not only is it a change of life, but its important to know that the facility is going to take proper care of their residents and maintain their facility. This is why a lot of research is necessary when looking for the perfect assisted living community for an individual. Currently, The Manse on Marsh facility is making a huge impact in the industry with their exceptionally community and care offered. Many places out there today have lost touch with truly taking care of those in need, this is not the case for the Manse on Marsh community.

Not too long ago the company was regarded as one of the best in the nation, which they take a lot of pride in due to their passion and dedication to the facility and its patients. Night and day there is staff working to help the residents no matter what it is that they need and they go above and beyond to ensure all their residents needs are met and the facility meets the highest standards. A quick look should turn any customers reluctance into curiosity and excitement.

The Manse on Marsh facility has recently won the Caring Star award as well, Paso Robles Daily News originally reported, and not just once, but two years in a row. This is refreshing to see in comparison of the many facilities that seem to just go through the motions, which is not a comfortable or fun environment for people to stay in. Based on the awards the company has received, the number of excellent reviews and rating left by residents and families, and a look at the community, it’s easy to see that Manse on Marsh goes above and beyond for their residents to ensure they feel safe, happy, and are having fun in a positive environment. There is more information on their site and blog detailing the services they provide as well as their awards won for best services. Read more about the San Luis Obispo assisted living services they have available, on The Manse Blog.

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