Human Rights Foundation Founder Thor Halverson Is Pushing For Democratic Government In Venezuela

Thor Halverson knows what living in socialist Venezuela can do to a family. Thor Halverson mother is a direct descendant of the first president of Venezuela, but she was shot during an anti-Chavez demonstration. His father was tortured in a Caracas prison for promoting democracy during the Chavez years.

Thor’s dad was part of the movement to stop Chavez from turning the country into an oil dependent, socialist state. His father failed to enact the changes that he talked to Thor about, but Thor never forgot his father’s mission. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Crunchbase

According to Weekly Standard, Halverson founded the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 to fight socialism and the dictatorships that are forcing people around the globe to be prisoners. Halverson mission is to expose the tyrants and the corruption that turns nations into poverty stricken slave-states.

Thor is watching his birthplace, Venezuela, become one of those poverty stricken slave states, and he is devoted to getting Chavez’s handpicked successor, Nicolas Maduro, removed from office.

Nicolas Maduro has managed to turn Venezuela into a crime-filled starving nation that has no basic necessities. Maduro recently met with Secretary of State, John Kerry, and Maduro acted like he wanted help from the United States, but Halverson knows better. Maduro blames the U.S. for the economic disaster in his country.

Maduro takes no responsibility for the food shortages and social unrest. More than 1 million people flooded the streets of Caracas to protest Maduro’s policies and to call for a recall referendum vote to remove Maduro from office. The human Rights Foundation was present during that protest, and the group will participate in the October protest.

But Venezuela could continue to decline economically, and socially for another two years if Maduro gets what he wants. The government has pushed the recall vote back to 2017, and that means Maduro will stay in power until 2018 if there are enough votes to remove him from office.

But Halverson’s Human Rights Foundation and the political opposition in Venezuela are trying to find a peaceful way to get Maduro to leave office. But the former bus driver turned union leader and politician is too comfortable being a dictator to leave peacefully.

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