Month: October 2016

Getting the Most from the Kabbalah Centre

Posted by in Religion, Spirituality

The Kabbalah Centre has continually allowed people to grow spiritually in their Jewish practices. The Kabbalah centre is an ancient Jewish practice and teaching that a lot of people are now learning and interested about. If you would like to learn more about the amazing Kabbalah, it might be a good idea for you to…

Igor Cornelsen Urges Investors to Consider Brazil

Posted by in Brazilian Investors

  There is a lot of talk about Igor Cornelsen and the way that he has presented the world of international investing to all that are open to this. Facebook shows Cornelsen has lived in Brazil for many years, and he has been able to distinguish himself from the mainstream because he has risen to…

Thor Halvorssen Wants Everyone To Know He Believes in Progressive Politics

Posted by in Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen took his message from the Human Rights Foundation to Fox News where he talked about his support for Bernie Sanders. There were a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters in the campaign, but Thor Halvorssen wanted people to hear him explain that the socialism Bernie Sanders had been accused of would actually be good…

Bruce Levenson, an American-Based Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Posted by in CEO Profiles

Born on October 1st, 1949 in Washington, D.C., Mr. Bruce Levenson is an American businessman as well as a philanthropist. He is the former owner of NBA basketball team. He co-owned Philips Arena and Atlanta Hawks LLC, the owner and manager of Atlanta Hawks. In 2004, Bruce served as the governor of Hawks on the…

Dick DeVos is Making A Difference In Many Ways

Posted by in Philanthropy

 Betsy DeVos conducted an interview with Philanthropy Roundtable recently that provided her thoughts and concerns related to education. In the interview several questions were asked regarding education, Betsy DeVos took the time to carefully answer each question. In addition, she offered suggestions on how she feels that the educational system can be adjusted to help…

Brian Bonar Is The Entrepreneur With Longevity

Posted by in Dalrada Financial Corporation

It takes a special individual to be an entrepreneur. As they often say, the job is not for everyone and not everyone is built for it. It means a lot of long hours, staying up late, sometimes getting little to no sleep, but it is worth it. When someone knows they have built something that…

Passionate Collector Michael Zomber Continues to Defy Odds

Posted by in Business Waves

  Michael Zomber is an antique arms historian, expert, collector, and author of the same. He has been in the antique arms and armor collection for more than four decades meaning that he understands the subject thoroughly. He has also earned international recognition for his mastery of the Japanese Samurai swords. As per his CrunchBase…

Shared Office Space and Individuality

Posted by in Business Waves

  The typical job is not for everyone. This statement is true in so many different ways. For one thing, not everyone is able to get a typical job. Another thing is that the typical job is not a welcoming environment for everyone. However, many people just settle for their regular job with the belief…

Fallout from the Ferry settlement: AIG being sued

Posted by in Hawks Ownership

The Atlanta Hawks LLC is suing an insurance company for breach of contract. The plaintiff, which used to own the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, alleges in a civil suit that the insurance company, AIG, acting in bad faith and breached their contract. The lawsuit was filed September. 13. It alleges that The Atlanta Hawks LLC…

JustFab Is The Product Women Love

Posted by in Business man, E-Commerce

It’s always heartwarming and spectacular when a product can truly transform a person’s life for the better. It is rare that a fashion product can do that, but when the team is run by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, it should come as no surprise. They have worked together before and they work like a…

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