Passionate Collector Michael Zomber Continues to Defy Odds


Michael Zomber is an antique arms historian, expert, collector, and author of the same. He has been in the antique arms and armor collection for more than four decades meaning that he understands the subject thoroughly. He has also earned international recognition for his mastery of the Japanese Samurai swords. As per his CrunchBase profile, Zomber holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology from UCLA and English literature Masters from the same university. He owns a collection of the Samurai swords and antique American firearms.


Michael Zomber is also an interesting author of several books that mostly covers the after effects of wars on people. They include; That’s me, Sweet Betsy, A son of Kentucky, Park Avenue, Jesus and the Samurai, as well as Shogun Iemitsu. He strives to protect the history and make it available to the people through his writings.


Together with his wife, Michael Zomber founded a filming production company named Renascent Films in 1998. They released “La Cucaracha” in 1999 and also produced and distributed “Souls of the Samurai” and “the Deep Sea Diving.” The “History Channel” airs his documentaries in the Tales of Guns series. He educates his viewers on how to determine the worth of a gun, where to buy them as well as the history of some particular weapons like Guns of the Famous, Guns of the Orient, Dueling Pistols, and Shotguns among others.


The antique collection serves as one of Zombers’ hobbies as well as one of his passions. Antique collectibles, therefore, are valuable items that have a history to them and people pay handsomely to acquire in this case, it is the Zomber collections. He also has vast experience and knowledge on the antiques that he strives to educate people on through his writings, documentaries, as well as screenplays.


In his Bushido documentary, Michael Zomber shares some customs and practices of the Samurai swords. The information given is on how to pass and handle the Samurai swords. The Soul of Samurai documentary serves to preserve the history of Bushido as well as the Japanese artwork. As a philanthropist, Michael Zomber advocates for peace through several organizations including Get Lit, Without Borders, Disabled American Veterans Global Exchange, UNICEF, and others.

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