Dick DeVos is Making A Difference In Many Ways

 Betsy DeVos conducted an interview with Philanthropy Roundtable recently that provided her thoughts and concerns related to education. In the interview several questions were asked regarding education, Betsy DeVos took the time to carefully answer each question. In addition, she offered suggestions on how she feels that the educational system can be adjusted to help improve certain areas of the system.


Betsy DeVos is known for her charitable contributions and the time that she gives to various causes. One of those causes is educational reform. During the interview, Mrs. DeVos gave examples of situations where the educational system has let children down over and over again. She pointed out that children are the ones who ultimately suffer because of the problems with education.


This is the primary reason for her efforts to make known what she considers problems in the educational system and what can be done to improve education for all children and not just a select few. In the interview with Philanthropy Roundtable, I think that Betsy DeVos did a very good job. Her knowledge of the subject matter was very apparent, and she was able to convey her knowledge through her answers.


Trying to help others runs in Betsy DeVos family. Her husband Dick DeVos is a well-known charitable giver to causes ranging from local to worldwide. Dick DeVos is a successful businessman and has earned a significant amount of money during his professional career. With the money that he has available at his disposal and the popularity he has earned over the years in his professional career as an executive, Dick DeVos has been able to give both of his time and money to help others.


Dick DeVos has an impressive professional resume that people respect and admire. However, he has also built an impressive resume of personal service and contributions regarding helping others. From helping to develop a medical school to helping children attend college through financial support, Dick DeVos has shown himself to be a man who is making a difference in many ways.


 Dick DeVos  is a family man, a businessman, and a charitable man along with the many other roles that he serves in his life. His professional life has been successful but as a man Dick DeVos has been just as successful in many other areas of his life.


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