Thor Halvorssen Wants Everyone To Know He Believes in Progressive Politics

Thor Halvorssen took his message from the Human Rights Foundation to Fox News where he talked about his support for Bernie Sanders. There were a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters in the campaign, but Thor Halvorssen wanted people to hear him explain that the socialism Bernie Sanders had been accused of would actually be good for the country. Read more: Thor Halvorssen – Forbes

Thor Halvorssen knows the difference, and he wants people to look around and remember that they can see more people get assistance if they just allow the government to use their tax dollars the right way.

Thor stated that he made the highest contribution that is allowed by law to the Sanders campaign because he believes in what Bernie Sanders wants to do. He contributed because he believes in what Bernie Sanders believes, and he wanted to make it known that his nonprofit supported a kind of government that supports all the people. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

He also wanted to be sure that the people who are accusing Bernie Sanders of being a communist know that all the different forms of socialism are different. He wanted to bring up the details, and he wanted to help educate the American public in what is going on in the world.

According to The Atlantic, Thor Halvorssen has been very brave because he is facing off against people who think that human rights are not important. His office of the Human Rights Foundation in New York is a place where he is trying to coordinate assistance for people around the world who cannot help themselves.

He knows that there are better governments where people can get help to live better lives, and that is why he gave to Bernie Sanders. Thor Halvorssen wants to be the face of human rights, and he wants the Human Rights Foundation to support a better life for all.

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