Josh Verne: Business Practices for Successful Entrepreneurship


Josh Verne is a serial entrepreneur who has over two decades of substantial experience in founding and selling multi-million companies. In 2011, he founded Workplace, LLC. He served as its CEO. He was also appointed the president of the company after leading its most successful operations in retail stores. Josh Verne has successfully operated and owned numerous companies and sold them at over $200 million. He was chosen the leader of the family business after completion of his university education. He moved up in responsibility and positions earning success at every stage of his life. He has initiated many ventures concerning Workplays, LLC.


Key Factors

  1. Have a Balanced Life

Life is a basic balance of actions. A balanced life is the basis of success. You can own all the money in the world. However, you will not be happy if your health and life are out of order. For this reason, you can have a shredded body and a loving family but suffer at the end. A balanced life is not all about spending every single penny in your wallet. However, it is all about making following moves in every aspect of your life. When you talk about your health, you mean that you have the energy to work and gain wealth, personal growth, and relationships.


  1. Do What You are Passionate about

Always find something that gives you happiness to work. This is the best way to gain success unconditionally. While it remains true that many frustrated people have passion in whatever they do, few successful people lack passion in their endeavor. You should find something that makes you wake up early in the morning to keep you all-day-long working tirelessly. For this reason, your life will be a living hell if you engage in ordinary activities. You will have the key to success once you find your passion.


  1. Be a Leader not a Boss

There are two kinds of people in holding managerial positions. They are the bosses and leaders. The managers use their title and position to demand respect from their juniors. They also use their title to accomplish their goals using their teams. On the other hand, leaders earn respect by putting their subjects into their shoes. They do not force their teams. However, they encourage them to formulate a working solution and course of action. They put others before them. For this reason, they achieve more.

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