White Shark Media – A Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner in the US

White Shark Media, a Miami based Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in providing outstanding online marketing solutions for both small and medium-sized enterprises. The company is a fast growing digital agency in North America. The secret behind their steady growth is – cost-effective search marketing campaigns and outstanding customer service at the same time.



Established in 2011, White Shark Media was founded by three Danish entrepreneurs who have years of experience in online and office marketing. The primary goal of the company is to provide outstanding digital marketing solutions to SMB market in Latin America and the US.


White Shark Media (WSM) has helped to grow thousands of companies across the Americas by using their online marketing techniques and bundles of proprietary marketing tools. Another effective solution of WSM for creating success is, tracking all online marketing efforts of the client in great details. They also ensure that competitive intelligence, Google Analytics integration, keyword-level call tracking, and proprietary reporting software are fully accountable and update them time to time according to the requirement of the client.


The main resource of this successful business is the pool of talented professionals who works remotely and locally in the organization. They have both offshore and domestic talents with the bilingual base. Everything they have learned over the years, they love to share it with their clients so that, the clients can get the most updated solutions. The clients benefit from the proven methods and process rather than experimenting from scratch by themselves.



According to a list of 9 fastest growing companies in Miami by, White Shark Media ranked number 6. It has gained $3.6 million in sales last year which is 622% compared to the establishment year since 2011.

White Shark Media maintains a great customer support and most of their clients are recurring, even the first customer of the company still using their service. They have over 150 employees in three countries who are mastered in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Display Advertising and Bing Ads.


Google also identifies the rapid growth of the company in 2012. Google has invited WSM team to the Google Headquarter located in Mountain View, California. Google had assigned a dedicated team who assist them to boost their growth and meet customer need intensively. In July 2014, Google awarded White Shark Media as the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB. There are only 29 Google AdWords™ Premier SMB in US and WSM is one of them.

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