Month: December 2016

Deciding On The Best Lawyer For Your Business

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Are you researching lawyers and law firms in Brazil? Want to find one of the best business or corporate litigation lawyers in Brazil? If you are on the lookout for a competent business orcorporate litigation lawyer in Brazil, consider Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. There are several factors to consider when trying to enlist the…

Eric Pulier’s Entrepreneurial Journey Started When He Was A Teenager

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Eric Pulier has long been sitting at the forefront of the technological industry, having started gaining experience in this field back when he was still in elementary school. Back then, he was already learning to program computers and focused heavily on entrepreneurial ideas. Today, Eric is also an avid public speaker and writer, sharing his…

Chris Burch And Creative Collaboration

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One of the issues that society has to face which could stifle their progress is that they try to isolate everything or treat everything as if they are mutually exclusive. One of the issues with that is that people often miss out on the good combinations that such good collaborations could bring. However, this is…

Lime Crime’s 2016 Mainstream Product Lineup

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Lime Crime has quickly grown to release several mainstream products in 2016. It has found itself on street scenes and red carpet events. Doe Deere, the mastermind of the company, was recently named as the Top Most Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by a leading fashion and self-help magazine. The prestigious list also included other business veterans….

Laidlaw &Company Serving Diligently in the Financial Industry

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Relmada Therapeutics Inc. is one of the leading pharmaceuticals companies that engage in the development and distribution of clinical-stage novel therapies purposely for the treatment of chronic illness. Recently the firm announced that it had filed a motion for amendment of complaints it had made against Laidlaw &Company (UK Ltd). The motion was filed in…

Class Dojo Develops New Video Content Platform

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Class Dojo, the successful developer of the Class Dojo educational application, has recently become widely known in educational circles for the company’s production of useful video content. Although Class Dojo was originally created to facilitate communication between teachers and parents, the company has drastically expanded its platform to now include premium video content. The shift…

Video Visitation – The Securus Technologies Advantage

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Securus Technologies is promoting video visitations for a 30-day time period. They are publicizing it by putting commercials on the television, so that other people can see how it benefit everyone’s safety to have the visitation videos. The holidays are an important time for all people. Even the inmates in correction facilities need to be…

Fabletics: More Than A Brand

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Having a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to go as it increases your life span drastically. Unfortunately we as a people don’t know our exact fates while on earth, but being as healthy as possible helps to fight off illnesses and disease. Many of today’s sickness comes from poor health conditions. Technology…

Finding a Good Business Lawyer in Brazil

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Are you looking for a business litigation lawyer in Brazil? Dealing with a complex business matter that requires litigation? Business disputes can be stressful and those involved in disputes are often desperately searching for ways to arrive at a resolution for their conflict.   If you are facing a business litigation issue in Brazil, there…

A Welcome App to Make Cleaning Your Home Simpler

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Handy is a new home cleaning service that used to operate under the name Handybook. The service works much like Lyft and Uber. Users download the app to their smartphones and order a housekeeper to come to their home or place of business. Customers agree on pricing and scheduling via the app; and most users…

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