A Welcome App to Make Cleaning Your Home Simpler

Handy is a new home cleaning service that used to operate under the name Handybook. The service works much like Lyft and Uber. Users download the app to their smartphones and order a housekeeper to come to their home or place of business.

Customers agree on pricing and scheduling via the app; and most users also pay their worker through the app as well.

In addition to house cleaning services, offers a variety of other services that include handyman work and IKEA style furniture assembly. In fact, for your convenience, you can buy the furniture right off the Handy app and have it delivered to your home and assembled in just a few hours.

Handy has only been around for just a few years. However, its founders Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan are enjoying incredible success. These young professionals have surely chosen a startup whose time has come. Many people lead busy professional lives and just don’t have the time to clean their homes the way they would like. In addition, they don’t have time to interview cleaning people to work on a regular schedule.

Handy Cleaners Work for You, On Your Schedule

Perhaps, you just need someone to clean once a month. Perhaps you’d like someone to come in every week, but sometimes you want an evening cleaner and sometimes you want a morning cleaner. With Handy, you can hire 2 or 3 workers to meet the needs of your household or business. Your schedule and pay structure is up to you and you’re not bound by any contracts. Neither are the hundreds of happy independent contractors the company now has available to work in most major metropolitan areas and even some suburban ones.

For any sort of housekeeping needs, Handy has you covered.


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