Fabletics: More Than A Brand

Having a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to go as it increases your life span drastically. Unfortunately we as a people don’t know our exact fates while on earth, but being as healthy as possible helps to fight off illnesses and disease. Many of today’s sickness comes from poor health conditions. Technology plays a crucial role as it allows us to become lazy and incompetent. Women’s lifestyle tends to be less active than most men’s. Guys seem to always be on the move whether it’s working, playing sports, or doing household maintenance chores. Women are active, but not to the same degree as men. Females naturally have higher body fat percentages which is great for natural reasons, but also is a destructive force if it’s not kept in check.

Are you familiar with the brand Fabletics? This brand is changing women’s lives for the better through healthy living intervention. With a line of exclusive activewear products, Fabletics is inspiring and motiving millions of women to take their health back. Fabletics is co-founded by Actress Kate Hudson and began operating back in 2013. Over the past few years Fabletics has become a powerhouse in female health and fitness. This is a membership community of like-minded individuals who all share the same goals and beliefs. Hudson epitomizes the name it self from her actual healthy living standards and has become the spokesperson and face of the brand.

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Popularity has grown dramatically as well thanks to social media. Thousands of women are now consistent followers of the brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Fabletics has had numerous spreads in prominent publications such as OK, Elle, SELF, USA Today, Shape, and InStyle. There are numerous items on the product line to choose from which helps you achieve your training goals and are versatile enough to wear on a daily basis. Fabletics is expanding more into physical locations as well. Forbes reported that the brand will be opening up to 100 new stores over the next five years. These are huge numbers when you take into consideration of the amount of construction and planning that’s needed.

Even many of the internet’s most popular bloggers have given positive reports and opinions of this inspirational brand. Fabletics is the future of women’s healthy living standard and Kate Hudson is spearheading the movement with her strong passion. As of March 2016, the brand has come out with swimsuits and dress’ and men’s products are already on the drawing board. Fabletics does a great job with it’s high quality activewear products, inspiration, and support which will take the brand above and beyond all of it’s competitors in the future.

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