Video Visitation – The Securus Technologies Advantage

Securus Technologies is promoting video visitations for a 30-day time period. They are publicizing it by putting commercials on the television, so that other people can see how it benefit everyone’s safety to have the visitation videos.

The holidays are an important time for all people. Even the inmates in correction facilities need to be able to touch base with their loved ones, and share in the holiday season. The video visitations allow them to do so, and they are much happier, making the facility safer for everyone. It also saves a lot of money for people that usually come in person to visit their loved one. Having this technology has helped in so many ways, and many of the facilities across the nation are using it too. It makes sense, and everyone is happier, especially during the holidays. Securus Technologies wants people to know that it is a positive move in the right direction, and more technology will be coming soon.

Securus Technologies is a leader in their industry. They are all about the safety of all people. They work in both the criminal and civil sectors, and they are always in demand across the county, and even the world respects what they do. They deal with over one million prisoners every day in facilities all across the country. They have incident reports, investigations, videos and more that keep everyone safe in the correction facilities. The future looks just as promising for Securus Technologies that wants to make the world a safer place for everyone. On a weekly basis, they create even more technology that will assist in this mission. Their workers are dedicated to the mission, and they are experts at what they do, stopping at nothing in order to get a job done that they have been contracted for.


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