Class Dojo Develops New Video Content Platform

Class Dojo, the successful developer of the Class Dojo educational application, has recently become widely known in educational circles for the company’s production of useful video content. Although Class Dojo was originally created to facilitate communication between teachers and parents, the company has drastically expanded its platform to now include premium video content. The shift in the company’s platform has resulted in outstanding reviews from Class Dojo subscribers. Representatives from the company have stated that Class Dojo’s users have reported that the newly developed video content helps to maintain student engagement with the application, to create incentives for students to complete traditional assignments, and to approach new subject matters in innovative and interesting ways.

Maintaining Student Engagement With the Application

The primary response from educators to the development of new video content from Class Dojo is excitement that the content helps students to engage more thoroughly with the application. For children growing up in the modern, technologically driven age, traditional learning techniques can quickly become tedious and tiresome. Because of Class Dojo’s recent inclusion of educational video content, elementary students can engage with various subjects with a new level of intensity and focus.

Creating Incentives for Students to Complete Traditional Assignments

Class Dojo video interactive programs have also received recognition for providing educators with an excellent incentive for traditional assignment completion. When students who usually struggle with assignment completion are rewarded with the use of a Class Dojo video program, studies show that the student’s achievement level improves by an average of 40 percent. Students enjoy completing traditional assignments when the assignments correlate directly with an educational video on the Class Dojo interface. Instructors have reported seeing a high level of engagement with traditional assignments that are related in some way to the application’s video.

Approaching New Subject Matters in Innovative and Interesting Ways

ClassDojo’s new video content has also enabled educators to approach traditional subject matters in new and relevant ways for technologically advanced students. Instead of only using more traditional methods of discussing a subject matter, educators can now combine these traditional methods with Class Dojo’s video interface. By using the video content that is provided through the ClassDojo application, teacher’s can approach subjects with a broader scope than would traditionally be allowed. Studies have shown that students who are taught subjects in several different ways obtain a better grasp of the subjects in the long run.

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