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Relmada Therapeutics Inc. is one of the leading pharmaceuticals companies that engage in the development and distribution of clinical-stage novel therapies purposely for the treatment of chronic illness. Recently the firm announced that it had filed a motion for amendment of complaints it had made against Laidlaw &Company (UK Ltd). The motion was filed in the District Court in the District of Nevada. Relmada had previously filed the complaints in the Nevada District Court against Laidlaw that was of the breach of fiduciary duty it owned Relmada when it was its investment bank as well as disclosure of confidential information.
Relmada Therapeutics also noted that the Nevada District Court had issued a temporary order as well as an injunction to the two principals of Laidlaw Mathew Eitner and James Ahern. The order was issued as a result of the spreading of delegation materials and distribution of misleading information. Relmada’s management team trust that Laidlaw must take responsibility of the damage and compensate them for the loss that the organization incurred when responding to Laidlaw’s misleading information. Relmada also wanted the Nevada District Court to protect them and prevent Laidlaw from harming the Pharmaceutical firm in the future.
Laidlaw, $ Company (UK Ltd) is one of the leading investment institutions in the United Kingdom We are a fully serviced investment banking and a brokerage firm that id dedicated to providing tailor made investment advice and a professional execution to both private and public institutions as well as individuals who are influential in the society. We have a committed team of professional who ensure that our customers get quality services as well as products that include commercial banking, mortgage services, and advise on investment banking. Our management team is led by James Ahern who is the head of Partners and the Head of Capital markets, and Mathew Eitner who is the Managing Director and is also the head of Healthcare investment banking.

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