Lime Crime’s 2016 Mainstream Product Lineup

Lime Crime has quickly grown to release several mainstream products in 2016. It has found itself on street scenes and red carpet events. Doe Deere, the mastermind of the company, was recently named as the Top Most Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by a leading fashion and self-help magazine. The prestigious list also included other business veterans. Being appointed to the magazine is a great achievement for the Russian-born lady who moved to New York City. The future saw her achieve her dreams through the use of colors and making use of everything bold.

Lime Crime makeup products can be found on the online storefront on The popular retailer store is a major destination for urban outfitters. Fans have always been on the wait for new colors and have never been disappointed. Doe Deere frequently introduces new products and tries them herself on her social media site. Users of the products can attest to her creative edge.


One of her new products, the Superfoils, comes with a striking compact duos and Flamingo shades. The metallic blue lipstick in denim color has been beautiful too. Other companies have tried to duplicate the sexy pigments without success. The firm’s products are unique and have been created with a high degree of creativity.

Lime Crime is also vegan, independent and cruelty-free. The company has all its customers’ interest at heart and strives to introduce new products that are fashionable and desirable. Doe Deere has also been at the front to give back to the community. She does through her various charities meant to assist children and women.


Deere was born in Russia émigré but grew up in New York. She is today located Los Angeles where she runs her company. Doe Deere has grown to love makeup, and she boldly comes out to show out her makeup products. The company makes use of brilliant colors in an incredibly unique way. The colors give the lips a gorgeous shade of purple, pink, blue and bright colors such as red, green and yellow. The firm is mostly run on the internet through social media, and major online outlets such as Doll’s Kill.

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