Chris Burch And Creative Collaboration

One of the issues that society has to face which could stifle their progress is that they try to isolate everything or treat everything as if they are mutually exclusive. One of the issues with that is that people often miss out on the good combinations that such good collaborations could bring. However, this is the result of limiting thinking. People that have made a lot of progressive changes in the world have done so with the use of collaboration. There are a few things that are treated as mutually exclusive but could actually work together if they are combined.


Chris Burch is one of those people that understand how effective and valuable collaboration can be for people and businesses. Some of the good combinations that he sees is the combination of fashion and technology. This is not just with wearable technology. He has also seen this collaboration with the boombox. People used to carry boomboxes with them in order to listen to their music. It was often seen as part of their urban fashion. However, this type of collaboration goes back even further with corrective lens. People wear glasses in order to see better. These are just a few examples of the collaboration with fashion and technology which has a really good future.


Another collaboration is more a collaboration of concepts. Chris Burch sees a good collaboration of creativity and productivity. As a matter of fact, it is a good combination of these two that have brought forth a lot of advancements and new innovations. Without a good collaboration of these two, then there would not be that many advancements. Chris Burch has seen that there is room for both creativity and productivity. One does not have to sacrifice one for the other. Chris himself has used both when it came to building good businesses.

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