Eric Pulier’s Entrepreneurial Journey Started When He Was A Teenager

Eric Pulier has long been sitting at the forefront of the technological industry, having started gaining experience in this field back when he was still in elementary school. Back then, he was already learning to program computers and focused heavily on entrepreneurial ideas. Today, Eric is also an avid public speaker and writer, sharing his knowledge with others to help spread the success to as many people as he can.

Even as a child, Eric Pulier has started focusing seriously on his interests in technology and business. Not only was he programming and learning to build computers, which he did by the time he made it to high school, but he also started up his own online database company while he was still in school. This was just the beginning of his entrepreneurial efforts, however, he wanted to gain more knowledge and experience before testing out his ideas, which is why he went to study at Harvard University.

Today, Eric Pulier is a highly sought after expert in technology and company start ups, and he has managed to land positions on a handful of different company boards as an advisor. This includes the likes of Soa Software, Logic Library, and US Interactive. Spanning Eric’s entire career, he has managed to found more than a dozen companies of his own, including People Doing Things, Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh, Akana, and several more, all of which have added to his impressive list of successful businesses.

One of Eric’s defining characteristics today is his passion for philanthropy. Not only has he been involved in various different worthwhile causes over the course of his career, but he actively contributes and donates to charities and other non-profit organizations today. IF that wasn’t enough, Eric regularly makes large contributions to the Starbright Foundation for sick children, and is a standing member with the Clinton Global Initiatives. As long as Eric has knowledge and success to share, he will continue to spread his good will to help people around the globe.

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