How Individuals, Groups and Companies Can Have Their Stories Told on Wikipedia

Indigenous members of society deserve to have their stories told. There are numerous artists, visionaries and activists within these communities that achieve amazing things every day. Yet the best resource for free education to the world remains woefully incomplete regarding their histories. Wikipedia is well-known for maintaining and sharing a massive data base of knowledge. Researching its pages is a simple way for students, researchers and the everyday reader to learn about countries, companies and individuals. Unfortunately, the website contains very little information about indigenous groups and the people from these cultures making a difference in the world.

The problem may lie in the lack of access many Native Americans have to the Internet. Rural residents and those living on tribal lands often do not have broadband access and are unable to document the achievements of their tribal members or of their ancestors. Wikipedia page creation relies solely on the interest and knowledge of people to contribute stories and bios for the site. When the ones with the best information are unable to communicate the information is lost.

This is an issue that is not unique to Native Americans. Latinos, women and many others are underrepresented for no other reason than because the majority of the contributors are statistically white males. All contributions are free, are welcome and help to create a more diverse base of knowledge. It is not just artists, geographical information and history that is needed. The site is open for anyone, and any business, to express who they are to the entire world.

It can seem overwhelming to face the idea of learning how to make a Wikipedia page alone, but this is not a reason to avoid contributing. Companies like Get Your Wiki have skilled editors that assist their clients to create a Wiki page as professional and informative as the best already on the website. It is the perfect opportunity to tell the story of an ancestor, create a complete online bio for an artist or any business professional or to even profile a company to help draw more attention to its services. It is a wonderful way to have a permanent online presence for the world to read, learn and enjoy.

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