Bruce Levenson Exhibited Fine Leadership With The Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks were once owned by a large group of owners, and Bruce Levenson came from that group to own the team outright. He has ensured the Hawks were in the best position to win, and he helped create a winning culture in Atlanta that pervades even now. The team has not been all that successful in the past, and this PR News article explains how Bruce has brought the team to a level of success.

#1: The Atlanta Hawks In A New Area

The team has entered a new era that is far more successful, and they will make the playoffs every year going forward as they make changes to their internal systems. They have hired the best of the best from the best franchises, and they are ensuring they may maintain their success even in the face of a stronger eastern conference.

#2: The Hawks Play In A Lovely Arena

The Philips Arena experience is a lovely place to watch a basketball game, and the fan experience is one that was improved by Bruce and his business plan. There are several different changes in Philips Arena that Bruce insisted on, and he helped make the arena more welcoming to the public. He helped ensure tickets in the stadium were sold at fair prices, and he wanted to ensure the city would embrace the team.

#3: The Team Is Winning At A Higher Rate

The Atlanta Hawks are winning more, are more valuable and more successful than they have ever been. Bruce sold the team for over $800 million because he built it into the best team in the division, and his work is evident at every game.

The Atlanta Hawks have become a power in the eastern conference because of Bruce’s business plan. He helped make the team into a stronger force in the NBA.

Source: Wikipedia

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