Equities First – Lender – What does Equities First Specialize In?

As a lender, Equities First allows lending in a completely different fashion than most other lenders. Their team is highly skilled in lending out capital with their team of highly-experienced individuals and 14 years of operating experience. Equities First provides many other loans which normal lenders would not normally provide to their borrowers.

First of all, Equities First is a global lender; places for which they lend include: (US, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and Switzerland). As a lender, they specialize in making loans based on stock as collateral to individuals and business around the world. For individuals whom are looking to obtain a loan based on the stocks which they own, it can be very difficult for them to do so through a local bank or credit union. That is why these individuals choose equities first for the capital that they need.

One example of a company whom borrowed from Equities First is a company that was looking to fund clean energy projects in India. With a great management team in place, it was a simple decision for Equities First to make a loan in favor of the Australian company. The funds mean more research and development into clean energy technologies in the engineering field, as well as iron-making technologies.

Stocks change in value, so borrowers are allowed to walk away from the loan if they are no longer able to pay it due to market fluctuations which are too extreme. Interest rates are also relatively low, at 3-4%. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the stock-based loans which are provided to individuals. Instead of being forced to use the loan for specific purposes, borrowers of stock-based loans are able to use the funds in any way that they would like. These are all very significant advantages for borrowers whom might need extra cash.

Equities First has provided $1.4 Billion in loans to individuals throughout the world. It’s many offices give the company a global exposure, meaning that people are able to benefit from the loans whom would not normally be able to do so.

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