Todd Lubar Offers Low-Interest Rates on Loans

Early Life and Career



Todd Lubar’s career began in 1995 when he joined real estate. With his passion for humanity and desire to continually pursue new ideas in real estate, Todd decided to focus on real estate and finance as a career. He was initially a loan adviser for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In that firm, he acquired knowledge on Mortgage Banking. He also learned to develop work relationships with the agents of real estate, financial managers, and insurance agents. Those people are now great entrepreneurial networks for Todd. In 1999, Lubar acquired an executive position at Legacy Financial Group. The position enabled him to grow his lending business in the loans and broker department. He lent outside investors and mortgage banks in the state.



Banking Institutions



In 2002, Todd’s focus shifted to Legendary Properties LLC, a firm he established for residential development. His focus and capitalization in real estate contributed to the enormous progress of buying, reforming, trading and profiting on over 200 transactions. The profits came from one unit to multi-family units. Through these projects, Todd developed relationships with experts in building businesses. This led to the timely manufacture of high-quality products. The high-quality products significantly contributed to friendly working relationships with big banking institutions. The banking institutions lent up to over 20$million.



Formation of Legendary Financial LLC



In 2002, Todd Lubar launched Charter Funding. This was an affiliate of the Financial Corporation of Magnus Financial. It was the largest private mortgage firm in the U.S. Through Magnus Corporation, Todd expanded his lending business due to broad access to resources like wealth and programs. With his more than twelve years experience, Lubar acquired a niche of clientele leading to the establishment of Legendary Financial LLC, a partner of Legendary Properties. Legendary Financial LLC granted loans to private and public firms. With his leadership, Todd employed the liquidity of Legendary Properties with his funds in helping market borrowers who could not afford the interest rates of lending institutions. Todd’s participation in more than 7,000 transactions enabled him to analyze risks involved with loan processing and granting. He based his decisions on market trends and conditions.

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