The Beautiful Blend of Fashion + Technology


The world of fashion and technology has witnessed a seamlessly beautiful growth over the past few years. Though both industries have managed to grow in very different directions, there is no doubt that one would be incomplete without the other.


Over the years, fashion has been able to develop significantly because of the advancement of technology. The days of spinning cotton on a wheel would still be prevalent if it weren’t for technological advances helping find a way to make the process easier. In addition, bulk production of clothing would not be possible, and it would amount to a single piece of the article being very expensive just because of the sheer amount of manual labor involved.


Similarly, technology would not have grown to the extent it is today if people didn’t seek out technology as a fashion statement. Today, most phones offer more or less the same functionality, but people would choose to prefer one phone over the other solely on the basis of how it looks. Through the years, many electronics have been dubbed as ‘fashionable’ and essential to a particular style. In the 70s, it was the boombox, in the 90s it was the walkman, and in the 2000s it was the I-Pod. All these gadgets performed the same functionality of playing music, but were sought out a lot more, not only due to the technological advancement but more so, as a fashion statement.


Through technology, designers are being exposed to a wider canvas helping them to blend the two worlds together. With technology, the fashion world is now able to meet the consumer’s needs for innovations and creative designs.


Innovations like the AirBag for Cyclists has helped not only revolutionize the way fashion works but also helps in finding a way to protect us. The days of wearing an ugly hard bike helmet are over. Now, a jacket provides you with all the protection you need in case of an accident.


Investors like Christopher Burch are now starting to turn their investing ventures to the fashion and tech industry. J. Christopher Burch is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, an investment and brand development company based out of New York. Among his many business ventures, he believes the fashion tech industry is one that will be receiving a lot of light in the coming years owing to the innovations that technology can bring to the fashion world.


In the past, Christopher Brunch has established his own brand of clothes and home decor known as C.Wonder. Another venture into the fashion world was his partnership with Ellen Degeneres, for her retail brand ED.


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