Omar Boraie Supports the 18 Chair Challenge Campaign

Omar Boraie is the current president of Boraie development LLC. He is an Egyptian scholar of chemistry. The 73-year-old leader had a vision of reconstructing the Brunswick, and he says that when he was starting it was hectic and people thought he had gone nuts. According to NJ Biz, he has pledged 1.5 million dollars to support the Brunswick project of Genomic Science Centre. The building has 25 storeys with an outdoor space. Also, it has a large space parking garage, 40,000 square feet office space, and other buildings such as residential units. He has also assisted in the research of precision medicine at Rutgers Cancer Institute.

Omar is a vital part of the New Brunswick; he passionately supports genomic science. This has impacted significantly on the cancer research. It has also impacted on the treatment of patients ailing from cancer all over the globe. He is also part of the Rutgers University 18 chair challenge and hopes that other people will come in and support the cancer research. Besides that, he hopes for more donations from the well-wishers following his lead in the campaign.

Rutgers Cancer Centre is the first institute to carry out genomic sequencing. This has been used to the patients diagnosed with rare cancers. It is also used to those patients whose conventional treatment is not effective. The former President Obama is also supporting this field. He has launched the National Precision Medicine and believes it will serve the purpose of giving ultimate care to cancer patients. The Centre is aimed at finding the cure for cancer as well as other ailments.

Over the years, the scientists have come to know that cancer is not a single disease but a collection of many diseases. Each condition that constitutes cancer has its features. As such genomic sequencing becomes vital than determining the cancer type by examining the organs it originates. Apart from trying to get the cure for cancer, Rutgers Cancer Institute also provides education on prevention of cancer.

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